Selecting The Best Dry Fruits For Weight Gain

Best Dry Fruits For Weight Gain
Best Dry Fruits For Weight Gain

The key to achieving faster weight gain is straightforward. You must elevate your daily calorie intake above the number of calories you burn. Nevertheless, increasing calorie consumption does not give you a free pass to indulge in fat and sugar-laden foods. Instead, it’s crucial to find nutritious, calorie-rich foods that facilitate reaching your weight gain goals. Enhance your diet with the nutritious goodness of dry fruits for weight gain.

Presented below is a compilation of top best dry fruits for weight gain, which facilitate rapid calorie intake.

Top 10 Best Dry Fruits For Weight Gain   

While all dried fruits offer significant nutritional value, certain varieties are particularly beneficial for those aiming to gain weight quickly. Here is a list of the best dried fruits for weight gain, along with their calorie-rich properties and additional health benefits:

Best Dry Fruits For Weight Gain   

1. Almond

    A great choice for increasing calorie intake, almonds contain 570 calories per 100-gram serving. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, they boost immunity, protect heart health, and improve cognitive function. Almonds are also a valuable source of carbohydrates and proteins for nutritional support and quicker weight gain.

    2. Dates

    Packed with natural sugars, dates offer 277 calories per 100 grams and aid weight gain by providing sustained energy. Their high fiber food content improves digestion and helps you stay active during intense training periods.

    3. Pistachios

    Flavorful and nutritious, pistachios add up to 159 calories per 30 grams, making them calorie-dense. They are free of unhealthy fats and cholesterol while providing essential nutrients like Vitamin C, B6, copper, and manganese.

    4. Dried Apricots

    With 240 calories per 100 grams, dried apricots are an excellent choice for weight gain. They are also rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that supports eye health and boosts the immune system. Additionally, apricots are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

    5. Dried Figs

    These energy-dense fruits deliver over 200 calories per 100 grams and provide a substantial carbohydrate and mineral boost, including copper, iron, and calcium. Soaking dried figs in warm water before consumption yields the best results.

    6. Prunes

    Derived from dried plums, prunes are highly nutrient-dense, offering 67 calories in just 28 grams. They are an excellent choice for weight gain due to their high fiber content, which improves digestion and enhances appetite.

    7. Cashew Nuts

    Calorie-dense cashew nuts provide 553 calories per 100 grams and offer a creamy texture, making them a delightful addition to various dishes. They are also rich in protein, contributing to lean muscle mass, and supply potassium, iron, copper, and phosphorus.

    8. Peanuts

    Available in various forms like peanut butter or roasted peanuts, peanuts are rich in protein and offer a high calorific value of 560 calories per 100 grams. Their optimal combination of proteins and healthy fats promotes lean mass gain.

    9. Walnuts

    As superfoods, walnuts are nutrient-rich, offering 587 calories and 14 grams of carbohydrates per 100-gram serving. They contain minerals like iron and magnesium, as well as dietary fiber, beneficial for digestive health.

    10. Raisins

    Providing up to 300 calories per 100 grams, raisins surpass fresh grapes in calorie content. They are a common dietary inclusion and offer vital minerals like magnesium, copper, iron, and manganese, which enhance metabolism and overall health.


    Incorporating calorie-rich foods like dried fruits into your diet is beneficial for weight gain. However, solely increasing calorie intake isn’t enough; it should be complemented with a suitable training routine. Weight training is recommended for building muscle volume while minimizing fat accumulation. If you’ve been underweight for an extended period, consult an expert to address any potential health issues before making significant lifestyle changes. Factors like diabetes and thyroid disorders may affect weight gain, warranting professional guidance.


    Are dry fruits suitable for weight gain?

    Absolutely! Dry fruits are nutrient-dense, providing essential calories, healthy fats, and vitamins, making them a perfect option for weight gain.

    How can I incorporate dry fruits into my diet for weight gain?

    You can enjoy dry fruits as standalone snacks, add them to smoothies, sprinkle them on salads, or mix them with yogurt for a tasty weight gain boost.

    Can I eat dry fruits daily for weight gain?

    Yes, you can consume dry fruits daily, but moderation is key. Since they are calorie-dense, it’s essential to balance your overall calorie intake with your activity level.

    Can I eat dry fruits before workouts for weight gain?

    Yes, eating dry fruits before workouts can provide a quick source of energy and support your weight gain efforts.

    Which dry fruit is the best for healthy weight gain?

    Each dry fruit offers unique benefits. Almonds, walnuts, and dates are particularly beneficial due to their rich nutritional content.


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