Public Health Department deals with the hepatitis A outbreak

Public Health Department deals with the hepatitis A outbreak
Public Health Department deals with the hepatitis A outbreak . Credit | Shutterstock

United States: The Los Angeles Health Department is currently looking into a recent outbreak of hepatitis A. Five homeless persons have been reported by officials to have hepatitis A since mid-March , the officials are worried about the infection’s spread .

Understanding Hepatitis A

The most common way that hepatitis A is transmitted is through the hands, food, and water that were touched by a person who has the virus. Lately, the outbreak of this virus in some communities has been in some areas, and health officials are trying to find out the reasons why it is spreading and how to stop it to the best of their ability. Besides changing the life of people, they are also providing vaccinations for free to ward off the illness for the people.

Transmission and Vulnerability

The hepatitis A is a communicable disease, which causes liver problems and many infected persons are not aware of their infection. The only thing that can be used by medical professionals to diagnose the infection by the individuals is their blood or stool.
Public health has shown that unsheltered people are more prone to infections as they do not have easy access to restrooms and handwashing stations.
People who are homeless in encampments and at temporary housing sites where there is a possibility of being exposed to the disease can get free hepatitis A vaccines from Public Health. Normally, the Hepatitis A vaccination is given in two doses, which are both very safe and effective at preventing the illness.

Although now there is no danger to the population, Public Health advice is to take the following measures to stop the spread of infection among theEven though there is currently little risk to the public, Public Health advises locals to take the following steps to stop the spread of illness

Vaccination Efforts

Look at if you have the hepatitis A vaccine. It is either be vaccinated or you should not get it by asking your healthcare provider. Most of the times, Hepatitis A can be prevented with a vaccination. Before you start to eat a food, you need to prepare it and clean up the restroom; in order to do these things you wash your hands with soap and water.

Precautionary Measures

The hepatitis A term can vary from a few weeks for a mild case to several months for a serious one. The symptoms of Hepatitis may be such as yellow eyes or skin, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, and black urine. Hepatitis A is usually not fatal but in some cases it can be lethal, however, this is very unusual.


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